From The Desk Of: Ashton Carter


If I promised you $3,000.00 a day with just 2 minutes of work...

...Would you hear me out?

What if I said you could be driving this brand new Lamborghini tomorrow?

And living in this ocean front mansion by the end of the week?

Of course you would.

& that's exactly how the Guru's begin their sales pitch & steal your hard earned money right out of your pockets...

...time & time again...

Now, If you don't know who the Guru's are...

...They are the bastards that flash their fancy...

Mansions, Yachts, Super Cars, and Money... front of you day in & day out.

These are the guys that promise you riches, but leave you in the dumps...

The saddest part is, these no good, greedy, selfish Guru's really do have all of these luxurious items.

They have become Master Salesmen of the internet.

And we all know, that the garbage systems they sell to you, don't have a chance in hell
of generating you a single penny

These Gurus really do strike it rich feeding off of peoples false hopes.

It disgusts & saddens me to see how the internet market has shaped up.

But, let's forget about the bad guys for now, because we are putting them in the past.

Let's talk about YOU.

I'm willing to make a bet that you are still looking for a realistic way to earn money online.



You are looking for something that is 100% real, simple, and achievable in just the next few days.

How does $150.00 - $850.00 a day sound?

It’s not a million dollars over night

But this amount is COMPLETELY achievable in literally the next few days

…And I can get you earning this with just 30 to 45minutes of set up time with my easy to use systems.

Listen, the internet market is EXPLODING all across the globe…

…And reaching out to BILLIONS of people.

It is the LARGEST market the Earth has ever seen!

And even with economies across the globe sinking...

...the internet continues to prosper & grow at an alarming rate!

This means there is more & more money being shuffled around online, EVERYDAY.

AND YES, there are numerous ways to make money online without:

X Having any Tech Skills
X Having to Invest Hundreds of Dollars
X Having to do Long Surveys
X Having to set up a Pyramid Scheme
X Having to do Advertising
X Having to Run Websites
X Having to Blog Daily


There really are HUNDREDS of ways to consistently make $150.00 - $850.00 per day online

…Even as a COMPLETE amateur.

Now, I'm not going to sit here & tell you that you are going to become a instant millionaire overnight.

Because the fact of the matter is nobody has EVER made millions of dollars in 1 night from a few simple clicks...

...And nobody ever will.

This is a fairy tale the Guru's love twisting, bending, and re-telling you…

…to dig into your pockets, & steal your hard earned money.

I’m sure you have heard just about every “Get Rich Quick Scheme” from these Guru’s.

From the “Guy Who Hacked Google”, to the “Guy That Solved the Internet Code”…

They’ve created just about every story possible to continuously steal innocent peoples money

So, if you still believe these fairy tales...

...Especially after what I just shared with you...

You can exit this page, go out to your local gas station, & invest in the lottery.

Because that is going to be your best bet to make a Million Dollars by tomorrow!

But, for the individuals who are ready to dedicate about 30minutes of time every FEW days...

...& really generate around $150.00 - $850.00 extra dollars per day.

Then stick around.

Because I have re-opened my Easy Internet Profit Shop for the next 9 individuals who are ready to escape from the Circle of Guru Fairy Tale Scams.


My Easy Internet Profit Shop is loaded with hundreds of tactics that are designed specifically for the amateur internet marketer, such as yourself.

If you can:

Read a few basic instructions
Point & maneuver your mouse.
Type around 10-15 words per minute
Have a extra 30-45minutes of free time every few days.


Then you are more than qualified to use the tools that my Easy Internet Profit Shop has to offer.

You see, I have been marketing online for over 17 years.

I'm a true veteran that has seen every single angle of making money online through all these years

I know what works, & what doesn't more than just about anybody in this industry.

Especially more than these Get Rich Quick Guru Scam Artists...

Some of my colleagues refer to me as the "Grand Master of the Internet".

You see, I really have made millions of dollars from the internet.

But it didn't come with a click of a mouse & miraculously appear in my bank account over night.

It came from trial & error.

A LOT of trial & error.

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Now you must be thinking to yourself,

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I simply don’t want my System’s to go to waste when I retire

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